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What is is an effective and enabling platform for institutions, technical experts and various other stake holders who are looking to contribute in developing and investing in climate resilient technologies or projects.


  • will provide repository of information of companies/ individuals and the efforts they are making to combat or mitigate or adapt to the effects of climate change.
  • Provides a platform for companies to understand investors expectations and for investors to express their interests and beliefs
  • is an interactive platform to both the investors and investees to express their interests and concerns.
  • Provides a opportunity of providing technology developers to express & emphasize the importance of commercializing/scaling up their products.
  • And for investors, it gives access and visibility to wide range of relevant, viable technical expertise & investment opportunities.

The team is a part of Clixoo Solutions, a firm focused on providing solutions for the cleantech and clean energy sectors.

We are based out of Chennai, India. Interested in getting in touch with us?

Do send a note to