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Welcome to CliFin News: A Curated Summary of the Latest News and Developments in the World of Climate Finance.

Feb 23 2024

Venture Capital Investments: - Vidyut raises $10 million in Series A funding to expand EV financing in India, highlighting the sector's growth...

Feb 20 2024

Bridge Financing: ENERPARC AG secured bridge financing for a 325 MW portfolio of solar PV and hybrid projects with battery storage from Eiffel...

Key Challenges in Climate finance investments

  • Lack of an effective and enabling environment for private sector that provides visibility to climate compatible development.
  • Government incentives alone are insufficient for larger and complex climate compatible projects.
  • Limited awareness of the accessibility potential and requirements of different sources of climate finance
  • Limited knowledge in developing countries of the different sources of climate finance, and their applicability for different investment contexts and/ or actions.
  • There are few visible ‘investment ready’ projects, with many opportunities requiring further development, due diligence, new financing solutions and changes in regulatory or institutional barriers.