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Venture Capital Investments:

Vidyut raises $10 million in Series A funding to expand EV financing in India, highlighting the sector’s growth potential despite infrastructural challenges. Read more: DealStreetAsia

Sage Geosystems secures $17 million for the construction of a novel geopressured geothermal system in Texas, indicating a significant advancement in renewable energy storage and generation. Read more: jpt.spe

Antora Energy garners $150 million in Series B funding for producing thermal batteries for industrial facilities, emphasizing efforts towards decarbonizing industrial energy. Read more: Business Wire

Private Equity Investments:

Automotive Cells Company (ACC), SK On Co., Honda and LG Energy Solution, and Panasonic announce significant investments in EV battery plants in Europe and the US, ranging from €4 billion to €4.4 billion, underscoring major commitments to the EV battery production sector. Read more: EV Reporter, KED Global, Times of Malta

Ascend Elements raises an additional $162 million for sustainable lithium-ion battery materials in the US, aiming to enhance the battery supply chain’s sustainability. Read more: PR Newswire

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments) invests €75 million in a secured loan for the Curtis Biomass Plant in Spain, highlighting investment in renewable energy with significant CO2 offset capabilities. Read more: Canadian Biomass Magazine

Government Grants: receives £32 million to expand smart charging solutions in California, reflecting a targeted approach to increase EV accessibility in disadvantaged communities. Read more: Current News

Queensland, Australia, commits $570 million over five years to support the battery export industry, emphasizing the role of government support in nurturing emerging technologies. Read more: The Guardian

Singapore’s Future Energy Fund commits S$5 Billion (US$3.7 Billion) to support the transition to cleaner fuels and explore alternative energy sources like hydrogen and geothermal, reflecting a strategic shift towards energy diversification​​. Read more: Solar Quarter

Development Project Financing:

India seeks $35 billion from private firms for nuclear energy investments to build new nuclear power generation capacity, illustrating the government’s role in facilitating large-scale energy projects. Read more: Straits Times

– Laos approved a $2 billion, 1.2GW wind farm project, set to be one of the largest in Asia outside China, signifying a major renewable energy investment aimed at boosting the country’s energy security​​. Read more: Recharge News

Commercial Project Financing:

Fastned secures over €27.5 million to expand its fast-charging network across Europe, supporting the EU’s ambitious goal of transitioning away from petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035. Read more: The Next Web

TagEnergy receives funding for a 49.9MW battery project in Fife, Scotland, with a significant green loan package, marking a crucial investment in the UK’s renewable energy infrastructure. Read more: Solar Quarter

Multilateral Climate Finance:

European Investment Bank (EIB) for Vulcan Energy Resources promises up to 500 million euros for the Zero Carbon Lithium project in Europe, aiming at sustainable lithium production. Read more: Batteries News

IFC’s $10 million investment in Tajikistan’s Eskhata Bank green bond enhances climate finance access for small businesses, highlighting the importance of sustainable economic activities. Read more: Technode Global

– An estimated $2 trillion a year is required to triple global renewable energy by 2030, with Sub-Saharan Africa needing significant investment to meet energy access and sustainability targets​​. Read more: Indian PSU

Bilateral Climate Finance:

– The Climate Crisis and Access to Finance discussion focuses on leveraging finance for climate adaptation and sustainable development among vulnerable countries, stressing the need for international cooperation and investment. Read more: FAO Newsroom